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Spray on chrome paint is easy to do when you use our trigger sprayer kits . . . . . . . . . 


Using our mini ready to go kits are perfect for when you need a spray on chrome effect on your small items, as the silvering layer can be laid down without the use of a compressor system. Please be aware that a standard spray gun system will be required for the base coat and top coat.


We have taken time to develop theses spray on chrome kits so you need not worry about all the details, all you need to do is follow the instructions that is provided on the website, we do not send out the instructions for the spray on chrome kits as we often update them, so we always ask that you download the latest edition from the website.

We are always happy to help should there be any problems, please help us help you by sending pictures of any problems attached with an email as it makes trouble shooting a lot quicker.

Our 32sqft kit is a great kit to start learning about the silver nitrate process, this comes with almost all that you need to spray on chrome, (excluding a spray gun to apply the gloss base coat and clear topcoat, a drip tray and mineral free water for diluting the chemicals.  click here to read more about this little kit

One of the most popular on-demand paint customization requests is the use of spray on chrome effect paint type systems, to create a flawless, professional and contemporary chrome effect finish. Our spray on chrome effect paint is suitable for spraying onto any surface including plastic. This is generally used as a decorative mirror effect finish. It's perfect for model makers, prototype makers, decorative ornament manufacturers, traditional mirror makers. We would not recommend this product to be used on automotive items like wheels as it would not stand up to this level of wear and tear, we recommend our Hydrochrome® Extreme for  automotive use, as this has been tested for 3 years for UV stability, and has great intercoat adhesion between the basecoat-silver and the topcoat.

Hydrochrome® is our very own silvering kit, transforming any object, into a brand new, chrome effect product. Our Hydrochrome® mini kits have become the latest addition to our innovative and advanced custom paint specialist finishes. This system enables commercial users to achieve the same effect on a smaller scale and smaller budget. Our mini spray on chrome kits are designed to use trigger sprayer bottles which can effectively apply a mirror effect on smaller areas. For chroming larger items we offer a larger kits which should be used with a dual chambered air fed spray gun sometimes called a dual nozzle gun. These guns hold a larger quantity of chroming solutions and are more efficent or, if you wish to operate at a commercial scale we can also supply a 20L pressure tanks.

The mini spray on chrome systems are designed for small areas because the trigger sprayer bottles are less efficient than spray guns and therefore require a far greater amount of chrome solutions.

The Hydrochrome® process itself is surprisingly straightforward but we definitely recommend that you have a bit of practice before using it so you can get a greater understanding how the system works before you start your project, again always start with very small items like like phone cases, them move up to the larger items once you are confident in using it. We can also offer demo sessions (normally around 1 - 2 hours long or full training days for the Hydrochrome® Extreme)

Firstly a coat of sensitizer is applied, to prepare the surface for the application of the spray on chrome containing the silver nitrate, to ensure the chrome paint becomes chemically bonded to the surface. Water is rinsed over the item to make it ready for the silvering solutions to be applied. The silvering chrome solutions use real silver nitrate and not harmful traditional chroming chemicals to achieve the desired effect. The spray on chrome is rinsed again with distilled water before the application of an anti-oxidant. Compressed air is then used to dry the product. Once the item is dry, apply our specially formulated tinted chrome effect lacquer to prevent the yellowing. For outside use finish with 3-4 layers of our 2K UV guard lacquer, we have been running independent tests on our spray on chrome and have noticed a slight change in colour after 11 months outside.

Although there are now many leading competitors; SpectraChrome who offer a spray on chrome application pack, Chrome FX, who use expensive equipment to apply the same chrome chemicals, chrome solutions and silver nitrate to achieve the chrome effect, but with a far greater price tag, the new Fantachrome which uses the same water based chrome solution, creating chrome for plastic using the same chrome spray, however again for a high cost and, lastly Cosmic Chrome who provide the chrome effect to large vehicles and objects, needless to say, again going to set you back a fortune. Despite SpectraChrome, Chrome FX, Fantachrome and Cosmic Chrome all costing a comparable small fortune (or very large one!) all of these companies use the same chrome spray technology that we do to achieve their chrome effect. However we pride ourselves in providing high quality products but at a lower cost so that anyone can achieve a quality spray on chrome effect, whether you’re using our mini kit or our double chambered commercial spray guns.

Please be aware all our Hydrochrome® products are designed for professional use only and care should be taken to make sure all waste chemicals are disposed of properly. All MSDS files can be downloaded from our website - these should be given to your hazardous waste disposal company.



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